Individual Therapy

Explore your possibilities, potential and purpose

About individual therapy

Looking to and processing your challenges and struggles, in the present and the past.

We identify and work with your relations and attachment patterns. In therapy you discover how to connect with yourself and others in more meaningful ways.

Therapy is helpful when dealing with anxiety, stress-related issues, grief, traumas. Also learning about your relationships and attachment style and how it influences your life. 

I also provide yoga sessions and coaching. In coaching we focus on the direction that you would like to take in your life and how to get there. 



Regular sessions are 50 minutes and held in Swedish or English.

In person sessions at Yoga Folks facilities on Södermalm in Stockholm. Online sessions from anywhere depending on what suites you best. 

A session starts with a check-in and is often followed by a guided meditation to ground down. We use tools such as visualizations and other creative expressions, all depending on your present needs.

Therapy is a process and time for reflection between the sessions is useful. The therapy room is an inclusive and warm space, when we meet in person or online.


It is important to find an individual approach that works for you as a client and that you feel safe and grounded.

Working with various exercises to expand yourself and to let go of behaviors that are no longer useful for you.

I work from a holistic mindset and believe in the importance of the connection between our psyche and body.

Said about Josefin

I cannot put into words my gratitude for this woman and all the help I have received from her. I have learned so much about myself, my patterns, behaviors, etc. and have gained a lot of tools. I have always felt well treated and safe in her company. I also notice how incredibly passionate she is about her profession and her desire to help her clients. I highly recommend her <3
individual therapy
I have been seeing Josefin as my therapist for over two years and the help she has given me is immeasurable. I have never had success with therapy until I started working with Josefin. She is wonderful, caring, and empathetic. I highly recommend her services!
Individual therapy