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Your Path To Personal Growth, Relationship Resilience and Self-Compassion starts here.

For individuals

Therapy can be helpful at different stages in life. You are invited to meet yourself with compassion, make space for emotions, thoughts and unpack patterns in your life. Explore possibilities, potential and purpose.

For couples

Consider couples therapy to improve your relationship by gaining understanding, learning new communication methods, and identifying underlying issues with the guidance of a qualified therapist. 


I regularly facilitate and host workshops and courses in personal growth and therapeutic methods. See below for the upcoming courses “Grow yourself” and for couples “Duo weekend”. 

Josefin Kollberg


I am a therapist based in Stockholm.

I am passionate about exploring human connections. How we in in creative ways can get to know ourselves better, heal and grow. To meet you as a client and you as a couple is enriching and something I feel grateful about. 

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