For your business

Enhance company culture and wellbeing

Sessions & Coaching

Individually tailored sessions and coaching to guide personal and team growth.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning designed to enhance wellbeing, leadership, and foster a positive work culture.


Innovative workshops crafted to strengthen your team’s collective resilience. Talks on wellbeing at educations within the creative sector. 

Enhance workplace wellbeing

Empower your business with practical workshops and coaching for sustainable success.

From effective group workshops to personalized sessions, I assist in refining workplace culture and enhancing your employees’ mental well-being. Therapy and coaching serve as proactive measures to address stress-related issues and foster overall well-being within the company. 

With a background in the media and film industry, I offer practical insights into the unique challenges of the creative sector.

What I provide

Tailored sessions for individuals and groups. Strategic planning for wellbeing, leadership, and work culture. Packages include yoga and mindfulness for your team.

Sessions can be held at YogaFolks on Södermalm in Stockholm or at your premises. Online sessions are also available, conducted in Swedish or English.

In our coaching sessions, we steer towards the future, crafting a roadmap to reach your goals. For therapy, we delve deeper, addressing underlying complex patterns that may be impacting your team’s performance and well-being.

If you believe this could benefit your company, reach out—I’d love to hear from you.