Couples therapy

Helpful for all relationships at times

About couples therapy

Find ways to deepen your understanding of each other, new helpful ways to communicate and learn how to feel more safe and grounded as a couple. Identify potential challenges and how to handle them in healthy ways.

Gain new insights about yourselves, roles in the relationship, and become aware of your own and the other’s needs and feelings.

Therapy is also useful if you are in a relationship with challenges and possible conflicts, where you need support and new strategies.

Couples therapy is for you and your partner. You can also attend couples therapy if you would like to work on your relationship with a family member, friend or colleague.



Sessions are 90 minutes and are held in Swedish or English.

The sessions are designed based on your needs as a couple here and now. Therapy is a process and time for reflection between the sessions is useful.

In person sessions at Yoga Folks facilities on Södermalm in Stockholm. Online sessions from anywhere depending on what suites you best.


We use various exercises to establish connection and make you aware of your needs and behaviors. You obtain tools and exercises to use at home and outside of the therapy room.

We identify and work with patterns in your relationship, attachment styles and how it affects your relationship. We use empathic communication, active listening with compassion focused practices and look into values for you as a couple.

An integrative therapeutic approach with a foundation in psychosynthesis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), compassion focused therapy and ACT. I also work with tools from empathic communication and Imago.

Said about Josefin

I cannot put into words my gratitude for this woman and all the help I have received from her. I have learned so much about myself, my patterns, behaviors, etc. and have gained a lot of tools. I have always felt well treated and safe in her company. I also notice how incredibly passionate she is about her profession and her desire to help her clients. I highly recommend her <3
individual therapy
We experienced Duo Weekend as a safe space to explore many different aspects of our relationship. We especially took with us the basics of empathic communication, which we have now started incorporating into our daily lives. Josefin brought her lovely energy, humor and knowledge into the workshop and made all participants feel welcome. Big plus for being queer-friendly!
from couples course